Oat Milk or Dairy Milk?

Over the course of past years dairy milk has lost its importance and value which once it used to have. Now, been replaced by other plant based milks such as almond milk, soya milk and now oat milk as well. New trend has been introduced and people are going nuts over it. Everyone is replacing the normal dairy milk with flavoured milk in their coffees and normal drinks.

A lot of companies are flashing oat milk signs and options in their daily products. Even if these milk are not as tasty or per your preference, they still sound very fancy to order.

Now, oat milk may sound gross and its idea may not sound as cool but one can only imagine the several kinds of benefits oat itself has and now combined with milk is going to turn out to be full of so many nutrients and vitamins. All your ugly tasting oat milk bubbles are about to be popped as barista oat milk themselves suggest that Oat milk tastes best and brings out the subtle flavors in drinks making them more appealing and tasty.

A lot of vegans say that oat milk is by far the best alternate of dairy milk as it is as thick and similar in consistency as to cow’s milk. It does not taste better than other milks but also does not chunk up or dilutes in iced drinks or coffee. When you use other kinds of milk like almond or soy, you can taste them in drinks – which can be a good thing, but sometimes you don’t want to taste almond in specific drinks for which oat milk is best as it tastes neutral and does not forces its flavour in drinks.

Why this milk is favourite of baristas you can learn here: it is because they say its texture is high in fat even leaving almond milk behind, this means that it froths amazingly and steams wonderfully making it easier for them to mix up in daily drinks and coffees. Surprisingly, it is the first milk alternate that baristas suggest their customers and encourages to taste and as a result the demand went so high that it was hard for coffee shops to keep oat milk stocked up as it ran out of stock as fast as it got stocked.